Harness data to drive business decisions

When designing your BI system, we begin by making sure your infrastructure can support the critical demands of your users.

We develop targeted data optimisation processes for the raw transactions from your Pronto Xi ERP system. These are then integrated with IBM Cognos packages (or whatever platform you’re using).

Along with a custom ETL Software Toolset that we have specifically designed to work seamlessly with Pronto Xi, we have a standard library of Microsoft Analysis Service Cubes.

Harness data to drive business decisions

Once the Cubes are deployed, it’s easy to integrate them with a wide range of data analysis tools. Among the most popular of these tools are IBM Cognos, XL Cubed, Panorama, ProClarity, IBM Watson, Crystal Reports, Power Pivot for Excel, and Power BI.

Extract, transform, load

Why we use Cubes


Cubes are specifically designed to analyse data rather than just store it, and they can process much more than traditional SQL databases.


Cubes makes currency reporting simple, including ‘slicing and dicing’ multiple native, functional and transactional currencies from multiple datasets.

Pronto Version

Our ETL Express toolset can incorporate multiple $BMS versions into a single reporting cube, seamlessly and automatically.

External Data

Pronto Xi Cubes can also incorporate external data sources and information to assist with analysing business performance.