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Pronto iQ can work with you to produce easy to digest, good-looking data intelligence reports so you can make smart decisions for your business.

Strategy is at the centre of everything we do.

Often, data is accrued organically, with no ‘big picture’ plan in place for what to do with it. With more raw data than ever before, a solid BI strategy is critical to:

— Derive value and insight from the noise

— Save time and money automating information gathering tasks

— Prevent costly ‘Excel Formula’ errors

— Minimise risks

Once an effective BI strategy is in place we can deliver a range of critical services and create customised, easy-to-use dashboards.

Custom Report Development

Customised forecasts

Automated board packs

Real-time visualisations

Multi-currency reporting

Visualising a better business

There’s no doubt that data visualisations can be a powerful tool. Columns of numbers tend to ‘hide’ the important information you need to drive business improvements, whereas a well thought-out chart or map can provide moments of sheer clarity.

The key, though, is visualising the data in the right way –and we can help.

Four steps to next level analytics

Discovery + Strategy

Consider currencies, drill paths, KPI metrics and reporting goals

Solution Development

Infrastructure augmentation, data harvesting, interactive build process

Deployment + testing

Data verification, usability assessment and user testing

Delivery + Management

Ongoing optimisation and additions, Go Live support, maintenance