The Intelligence
behind Pronto iQ

At Pronto, we know how important Business Intelligence (BI) is. That’s why there’s built-in BI functionality in our cutting edge Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning platform.

Many organisations, however, are looking for customised reports that relate specifically to their unique business environment. Or they know their data could be the key to gaining a competitive advantage, if only they knew how to harness it.

That’s where Pronto iQ fits in.

With a dedicated team of BI specialists, Pronto iQ delivers customised BI solutions. We use a combination of real-time and custom ETL Software Toolset that we’ve developed, which is optimised for Pronto Xi.

We can also adapt our solutions to other platforms or toolsets.

Key industries where we’ve made a difference


Fast moving, volatile environment

Manufacturing + Distribution

Narrow margins, fluctuating costs


High cost of sales, management challenges